Eliminate Athletics at MCC? Not So Fast

Crystal Lake, IL- When the word got out that the MCC Board of Trustees was contemplating the elimination of all sports to pay for a multi million dollar building expansion, things got interesting. Whether the idea of ending sports at MCC was an actual REAL LIVE plan is up for debate but many supporters of the Scots athletics showed up for the scheduled monthly board meeting. They showed up big time. This reporter lost count at over a 100 attendees and the actual number was hard to estimate because of the small board room and overflow crowd. Needless to say, there were a lot of concerned people that showed up for the meeting.

Jennifer and Aaron Bischke of Harvard

The thought of the elimination of sports did not sit well with Jennifer and Aaron Bischke of Harvard. They feel their daughter, Kaylee, who plays basketball and softball at MCC, would surely miss the camaraderie that students experience with their participation on team sports.

Aaron on sports, “The thought of no more sports at MCC is what brought us here. I’ve thought about it at the high school level, even at the college level that one of the reasons kids go to school is for sports. If there were no sports I think the enrollment numbers would be way down. I think sports are like a job. You work hard in sports, you work hard in school and you work hard at a job.”

Kaylee’s mom, Jennifer added, “I hope it really doesn’t come to that (the elimination of athletics). With the amount of people here today they can see (the support for MCC sports).”

Jennifer continued, “At this level they can come in and play instead of sitting on the bench at a bigger school. Harvard was such a small high school, we did not have D1 colleges or scouts knocking on our doors.”

MCC AD Karen Wiley (also head women’s basketball coach), had this to say about the people who turned out and the MCC athletic programs, “We have so much to be proud about. Thank you all who attended last night. We are passionate people and are voices have been heard.”

Yes, their voices were heard, but Wiley and the athletic program supporters just hope the Board listened.