Skyhawks Soar at Speed Camp


L-R Coaches Adam Bronars, Dan DeBoeuf & Sam Lesniak

Johnsburg, IL- Head baseball coach Sam Lesniak came right out and admitted he ‘borrowed’ the idea of an after school speed and agility conditioning camp from Cary-Grove HS’s Don Sutherland. Hey, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? Along with fellow head coaches Dan DeBoeuf (varsity football) and Adam Bronars (varsity soccer), Lesniak runs a speed and agility conditioning camp after school three days a week. They offer access to the weight room to anyone who wants to continue their workouts.

The camp is open to all off season athletes and any students from Johnsburg HS that wish to participate.

On how they started the camp, Lesniak said this,”We all got into this together. We discussed this last year after I had a conversation with C-G head baseball coach Sutherland. It’s a great opportunity for all the kids to work together. Speed and agility is the key to every sport. These athletes pay top dollar to go out and train at all those gyms, so we decided to do it here with coaches who are out of season. That way we start developing relationships between all the athletes and coaches in the building. All the kids (sports and non sports students) are developing relationships together. So now we are more apt to go to each others events. Hopefully, it makes a big change.”


The camp has been running for over two weeks and they have 70 kids attend the Monday, Tuesday and Thursday events. There are five stations that the participants rotate through in about thirty minutes. The stations spotlight different aspects of speed and agility. The camp starts around 2:35, right after student dismissal. The weight lifting portion is ‘sports specific’ and the lifts are designed by the kids’ individual coaches.

“The big thing is to get the your team leaders, big time athletes to buy in.” Lesniak continued, “Once you get that buy in, everyone follows. It’s contagious.”

Football star running back, Alex Peete, who participates with many fellow teammates, added this observation,”This camp replaces 6:00 am lifts. Now you get to sleep in and go right to school. That gets you an extra hour of sleep. It’s (the workouts) a nice change. You have all the sports and the girls don’t have this type of off season conditioning. We treat ’em just like the rest of us. It’s a good thing.”

Lesniak concludes, “This camp has exceeded our expectations.” Watch out next year for an even better performance from Skyhawks athletics. Oh, in case you wondered, the coaches are giving the kids Thanksgiving off.


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