Fall Sports Celebration for Roadrunners: A Real Special Group




La Grange Park, IL- On Wednesday of this week, Nazareth Academy held its Fall Sports Recognition event at a pep rally in the Roadrunners gym. The teams were treated to a loud and appreciative experience by the friendly crowd, including a DJ and neon lights. A large screen showed the enthusiastic students team highlights and very humorous videos made by Nazareth students and staff. Nazareth President Dennis Moran, Principal Deborah Tracy and Athletic Director Duane Buturusis were VIP’s that headlined the extravaganza. Guidance Counselor Brendan Green adroitly emceed the event. Green was quite good and should be considered as the future host of the Academy Awards.



Retiring head coaches Kristin Stoejetz, Girls Softball, and Wayne Saunders, Girls Volleyball, deserve a huge round of applause from the Nazareth family for their dedication and commitment to the students. Stoejetz, 20 years, and Saunders. 40 years, epitomize the culture of excellence that exists at Nazareth. Great job and thank you to Kristen and Wayne. God bless you in your retirement!!


Kudos to the following Fall Sport participants:

  • Girls Softball: Stoejetz and Assistant Coach Anthony Gonzalez.
  • Boys Baseball: Head Coach Lee Milano. His team finished 2nd in the state playoffs. Ryan Kramer had an outstanding season.
  • Boys Cross Country: Head Coach Kevin Milos and Assistant Sean Banasiak.
  • Girls Cross Country: Head Coach Joe Wejman and assistant Gonzalez. Claire Ramsey was a state qualifier.


  • Poms: Head Coach Jennifer Day and Assistant Katie Broenneke.
  • Color Guard: Janet Rausch.
  • Cheerleaders: Head Coach Jorie Stevens.
  • Boys Golf: Head Coach Mike Morris. Matthew Clark was ESCC Player of the Year.
  • Girls Golf: Head Coach Charlie Rohlf.
  • Band: Leader Mike Sliwinski.
  • Boys Soccer: Head Coach Doug Hunt.
  • Girls Tennis: Head Coach Lisa Straface, ESCC Coach of the Year.
  • Girls Volleyball: Head Coach Saunders.

A ‘Big Thank You’ for the awesome Sisters of The Congregation of St. Joseph and Sr. Pat Bergen (CSJ). Their unending support and spiritual guidance lifts up all who walk the halls of Nazareth Academy. It would not be a party without Naz alum Lee Michaels, who’s fantastic DJ and light show were super stellar. Thanks Lee!!!

A Big Shout Out is due to Football Head Coach Tim Racki and his hardworking staff:

  • Joe Battaglia, Chris Beadie, Jonathon Bittle, Ed Cogan, Doug DiFusco, Ryan Evans, Joe Felice, Steve Gray, Matthew Letcher, Rudy Luna, Andy Miller, Tom Minogue, Rod Molek, Casey Moran, Corey Pratt, Joe Reynolds, Mike Sorenson, Jeff Tumpane, Jorge Valdez, Roy Verdin, Larry White and Jim Zimmerman.
  • Athletic Trainer Andrew Wyman.
  • Manager Mack Nelson and Erin Rollag, Alyssa Esposito, Maggie Corcoran, Krystal Nava, Darcy Rhoads and Emily Williams.
  • Team Doctors Tom Nelson and Eric Janota.
  • Roadrunner Chaplin Deacon Bob Esposito.

The Roadrunners won their second straight IHSA State Championship. The 2015 5a champions were led by Julian Love, Ivory Kelly-Martin, Carson Bartles, Joey Muscolino, Christopher Simmons, Cameron Weems, Devonte’ Dunn, Bryan Behrendt, Justin Weller, Gavin Smith, Austin Reifsteck, Wesley Lones, Tom Henehan, Mike Carpenelli, Matt Prendergast, Christian Sampleton, Aidan Bresnahan, William McKenna, Christian Davis and many more great players.

Supreme thanks go to the Wizard behind the scenes, Kate Augustyn, Naz’ incredible Director of Activities. Kate planned the entire pep rally and did a beautiful job! Thank you Kate!