The scary view opposing LB’s see when facing Cary-Grove HS



Cary, IL- Billy Wright was kind enough to let spend time with Cary-Grove High School’s exceptional student-athlete Tyler Pennington recently at Elite 7 in East Dundee. Alex Kube, Elite 7 owner, has a booming business training all kinds of athletes. Pennington works out there with Elite 7’s Wright.

Pennington plays and excels at two sports: football and baseball. Listen to Tyler tell you about growing up with sisters Haley (18) and Teagan (12) and how sports is a a key ingredient to the Pennington Family. Parents Doug and Stellanna have done a wonderful job raising Tyler. Pennington is another in a very long line of Cary-Grove HS preeminent Trojans. He is as humble as he is accomplished as a student-athlete.


Elite 7’s Billy Wright

Listen to Tyler Pennington:


Here are some images to enjoy. Stellanna was kind enough to share some of her pix with We have also included two videos of Tyler’s workout at Elite 7. Watch:

  TP working out at E7

TP busting it


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