#YoungGuns Zach Teegen: Into A Hurricane

Woodstock, IL- Located in Woodstock, Marian Central Catholic High School has around 690 students this year. Considered a very good example of creating an atmosphere that allows young boys and girls to prepare for the “real world” both academically and spiritually.

bergsworld.live spent some time earlier at MC with Mike Maloney, football head coach and Director of Admissions & Marketing, Tom Kruse, baseball head coach & Guidance and Zach Teegen. Teegen, a junior, is another in a long line of #YoungGuns to let us get a look into their world. A good student athlete, Teegen, plays both football and baseball.

Listen as Teegen talks about family, including his sister Skyler, who is a freshman at MC. Maloney and Kruse then add their insights of the talented Hurricane.

LISTEN to Zach:


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Chris Leathers who is Marian CC HS Strength coach (Your World Fitness) and Pat Wenzel, Davis Speed Center, were very appreciated by Teegen for their great assistance.


LISTEN to Coach Kruse: