Wolves Have Chip On Their Shoulders

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Oswego, IL- I headed to Oswego East High School to meet with football head coach Tyson LeBlanc, QB Jaylon Banks, DE/TE Elijah James and DB/RB Ivory Kelly-Martin earlier this year.  When I pulled up to the school, I thought I had mistakenly found a good sized college. But no, this was it. Boy, is it really big and very cool. 11 years old but looking much newer, it’s kept very clear of any clutter.

Listen below as Banks, James and Kelly-Martin (with Coach LeBlanc keeping an eye on us) speak frankly of the Wolves’ deep desire to knock off their arch enemy Oswego HS. The three fine gentlemen take us through how a rivalry looks and feels from the inside out. The Oswego 3 are playing a big part in filling the leadership vacuum left after key seniors graduated last spring.

Wolves Stuff I: OEHS opened in 2005-06. Their overall record after 11 seasons is 34-68 /.333%. Oswego HS opened in 1949-50. The Panthers are 394-222-15/.624% all time. (IHSA provided stats).

Wolves Stuff II: OEHS has a current student population of 2000+. OHS has 2350+ students this year.




Wolves Stuff III: The Wolves all time record against the Panthers is 0-11.

Wolves Stuff IV: The Southwest Prairie Conference will expand from eight teams to ten next year. New additions are Joliet Central HS and Joliet West HS.