#Coaches Series: Claudio Torres- Cry of the Gladiator Pt 1

Wall in MVHS wrestling room

Aurora, IL- It doesn’t take very long to get to really appreciate Metea Valley HS wrestling head coach Claudio Torres.  Amicable and energetic, he is the kind of man that anyone would like to have mentor their young wrestler. His love for family, Metea Valley HS, his wrestling program and the USA is very obvious. Torres is not bashful about telling you what he thinks or feels but that is what makes him a special man in the world of wrestling.

Join bergsworld.live for a compelling journey through the eyes of a young family man and coach making his mark not just in Illinois but as far away as Iraq. This is the first podcast+ installment that explores the life and times of a modern Gladiator.

Episode #1: Claudio takes us from high school up to his enlistment in the National Guard as an MP for the US Army in Iraq. Sit back and enjoy, this is good!





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Marylou and Claudio with their children, Brianna & CJ, enjoying family time