#YoungGuns Hittin’ Hornets Dynamic Duo

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Harvard, IL- I really like Harvard Illinois. There, I said it. It’s high school is super cool to an older gent such is I. Older but with modern amenities. I digress,  bergsworld.live recently spent the afternoon with some of the Hittin’ Hornets: head coach Sean Saylor and two junior standout student-athletes John Lynch & Adrian Serrano. Please join us for a cool trip through the thought processes of two super intelligent and compelling representatives of their future generation. Our podcast with Coach Saylor will be coming to a bergsworld.live near you. Here you go….

Listen here to John and Adrian:



Special Hittin’ Hornets shout out to Tyler Perkins who plays in The Shriners Game on June 18 in Bloomington at Illinois Wesleyan University. Good job #23!!