#CoachSeries Taught By The Best: Sam Lesniak

Johnsburg, IL- I caused a minor kerfuffle recently in the office at Johnsburg High School. I forgot my wallet at home and was handcuffed and….only joking!!! Without an ID my interview with baseball head coach and football defensive coordinator Sam Lesniak was moved to a storeroom. I apologize to the lovely ladies in the office, Coach Lesniak and old friend AD Tom Ross. I felt like I was back in high school and I loved it.

Skyhawks (l to r) Coach Toomey, Luc Lindahl, Justin McCauley, Anthony Vallone, Justin Guitierrez, Kaden Quinn & Coach Lesniak


Our conversation was a good one, if I say so myself. Lesniak could be my much younger brother. His upcoming nuptials are happening July 9th, my younger brother Michael’s birthday. He would have been 55. We cover many cool topics: fiancee Amanda Stanek, Jeff Petrovic, Bob Dobbertin and his baseball and football teams. I had a blast! Grab a seat and a cold beverage and join bergsworld.live with the young and up and coming Sam Lesniak.

Click here to listen to Coach Lesniak: