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Crystal Lake, IL- When I finally met Crystal Lake Central High School’s football head coach, Jon McLaughlin, he looked vaguely familiar. As soon as I realized he was an assistant wrestling coach, I knew I had seen him numerous times during the Tigers successful 2015-16 wrestling campaign. in Tigerland:  

McLaughlin is a serious dude with a very impressive academic resume. He has been teaching for over 27 years and has a Masters Degree in Multi Disciplinary Studies (that explains his demeanor). As we got to know each other, I saw another side of Jon: compassionate, forceful and loyal.

We sat down in the middle of the construction that was underway at Central recently and had a nice face to face. Grab a Gatorade and a lawn chair and listen as Coach M talks about all his assistants, family, growing up and everything in between. I walked away with another friend. Boy, I love this gig!

Click here to listen to Tiger Talk with Jon McLaughlin:




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