#YoungGun Head East: Justin Weller

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West Lawn, PA- We are very passionate about the young athletes that bergsworld.live gets to meet and learn about. Everyone of them is an outstanding example of what makes us realize the future is not as bleak as we sometimes think. Our youth rocks. Justin Weller is one of the best examples. I asked Justin how things were going after he moved out east. This is what he said:

Mr Berg,

“School is great, Teammates are great. City is where I was born and most of the family lives in the area. So it really was easy to move other than leaving Teammates, Coaches, friends, and Naz behind. My mom and dad are doing well and my dad got a great job in July. My mom is a nurse so she moved here with her job. Andrew is doing well and in the 2 deep rotation at LB, and Doug is now a 9th grader playing High School football too. Kevin continues at Arizona State. We are going into week zero here in Pa. We just finished triples and school starts next Monday. Our first scrimmage was against Parkland(PA 4A now 6A 2015 runners up). Happy to say we won but we know we still have work to do. I was able to pull in a few passes for about 130 yds and it felt good to hit at the DB position as well. Today we have a tri-scrimmage with Berks Catholic (2A now 4A 2015 state title team) and Daniel Boone. We open the season 9/2 against our big Rival Govenor Mifflin. You can follow the team at  ”

Our country is going to succeed because of our young leaders who keep blazing trails. Leaders like Justin, Vannessa, Kyle, Jeff, Samson, Raquel, Tyler, Trevor, Gavin, Zach, Ivory, Devonte’, Cameron, Christian, Austin, Chris, Austen, Jaylon, Eli, and so many others.