#FilmStudy With Alex Kube : Tyler Pennington Cary-Grove HS

NIU Huskie standout Alex Kube ready to pounce!

Lake in the Hills, IL- We have been blessed by the Lord for the many opportunities afforded bergsworld.live in the past year. The most satisfying gift is the incredible number of absolutely fantastic human beings we’ve met. From American idol and ND football great Johnny Lattner to Glenbard North Panther wrestling greats Bob Fulk and Mark Hahn, energetic and talented Western Michigan University football head coach P.J. Fleck, and Illinois born NCAA wrestling legends Jim Kelly and Rich Powers.

That is only naming a small sample size of our Hall of Fame but there is more. As great as Friar Lattner (sadly, we lost Johnny earlier this year), GoldDotNation’s coaching icon’s Fulk and Hahn, Wildcat Slayer Fleck and grappling guru’s Kelly and Powers were, our youngsters stole their thunder.

Tyler Pennington, he of legends written with more to come, was one of the super stellar young student athletes we met. Mr. Pennington is a senior at Cary-Grove High School in Cary and currently playing with his fellow Brad Seaburg led Trojan football team mates in the Fox Valley Conference. A four year starter on both the football AND baseball teams, he is quite extraordinary.

Creator and owner of Elite 7 Training, Alex Kube, (Elite7 website) and a fellow Trojan sat down with bergsworld.live and broke down Tyler’s football game. Here you go:

DB: Hey Alex, tell us how you first met Tyler?

AK: I watched him for the first time when he was in 5th grade. Doug, his dad, is extremely humble like Tyler, and was reluctant to “outsource” Tyler’s workouts. By 8th grade Tyler was working out with me.

DB: Please tell our readers that great story about Tyler working out with the older guys.

AK: Like I had said Tyler was in 8th grade and I put him in the workouts with the college kids. But I didn’t tell the older guys how old Tyler was. Tyler kept up with all and outworked some others. After the workout, I told the guys how old he was and they were stunned. I knew we had someone special here.

DB: Using TP as a guide tell us about college recruiting and what you make of all the craziness?

AK: College recruiting is brutal and very unfair. Especially for Tyler. He does everything asked of him and much more. Classroom, good kid and great leader. All around doing exactly what he’s supposed to.  The knock is his height and that’s b*#@%t!

DB: He is 5′ 10″, right?

AK: Yes, but the thing I love is that he moves the pile. He will play linebacker at the next level, I think. Watching film when he engages the ball carrier, after first contact, he moves the pile back. That is pure strength and great technique.

DB: How would you rate TP on the Trojan all time list?

AK: There have been many greats but Tyler will probably break some or all of my records if he hasn’t already. He will finish his career ahead of me on that (all time Trojan) list, for sure.

DB: What do we know about Tyler’s recruitment status?

AK: He is dealing with a double standard like I said. He is a can’t miss D1 or D1 A prospect. Whoever gets him will be blessed but they better move quick or they will lose him. He is a great young man.

DB: I agree. We will be keeping an eye on where he ends up. Oh yeah, he is very good at baseball, too!!

Editors Note: Besides his dad, Doug, Tyler’s family is made up of mom Stellanna and siblings Haley and Teagan.



This video of 2 sport all-star TP is an example of what Sir Alex is talking about baby!


C-G Trojan superstar Tyler Pennington at Elite 7