#MonsterMatchUp Week 3: Johnsburg HS visits Richmond-Burton HS

Lake in the Hills IL- I was lucky to talk prep football recently with key personnel from Johnsburg High School and Richmond-Burton High School: Head Coaches Dan DeBoeuf and Pat Elder, and Skyhawks players Alex Peete and Joe Moore. A little bergsworld.live Q & A. It was very cool!!!

Episode 1: Mighty Joe Moore a great young man and natural leader. Hey Joe………

DB: You guys have a great group of seniors: athletes AND good guys. Tell us how cool this year has been so far but more importantly, what lies ahead?
JM: Any time that you get to play with all of your life long friends, it’s a great experience.  To be playing with guys that you’ve known since you were 5, 6, 7 years old, with a chance to make some waves in your state and represent your hometown, it’s a great experience and it’s unlike anything else that a high school student could experience.
DB: We love covering high school sports because the student athletes are so inspiring and well focused. The Skyhawks are one of my faves and you are my best interviewee. What are your college tea leaves foretelling about the future of Mighty Joe Moore?
JM: Right now I’m really trying to focus on our season as a team because I could be done playing with these guys at any time.  I will have a chance to play at the next level, but it will never be the same as the special time that we have right now.  That being said, there is some interest from schools like NIU and ISU, as well as my Winona State offer, but the plan is to figure that out on my less precious time after the season.
DB: Why is Coach Dan DeBoeuf and his coaching staff so stellar at focusing the Skyhawks like the proverbial blue and yellow laser beam?
JM: I think that we have more focus on the goals that we want this season, more than we’ve had in the past few years as players.  But whenever we start to lose focus our coaches are always there to remind us, “Don’t sacrifice what you want, for what you want right now.” In the wise words of Coach DeBoeuf.
Episode 2:  Pat Elder, the Rockets Athletic Director AND Head Coach, has a very steady hand.
DB: Tell us how good leadership is so important to team success?
PE: It’s crucial. They set the tone to what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. We have a great senior group. They make sure things get done.
DB: Playing the Skyhawks is always great, right?
PE: This is big anytime. Any sport is big when we play Johnsburg. It will be a fun game and a great environment, it is every year. It is what high school football is all about. We will have a great crowd against our long time rival.



Episode 3: Dan DeBoeuf is The Architect. The head coach calls the shots and so far his Skyhawks are flying right….

DB: You have a large group of seniors that take the responsibility of leadership very seriously. How does that play out?

Coach: We have a great group of seniors that have kept things going smooth since the summer. They have a great pride in the team and pass that on. Our experience shows. It shows a ton.

DB: Emotions are high. How cool is this game?

Coach: It is an emotional game. It’s two towns playing, so cool. Emotions are fine but we need to control them. We will refocus and be disciplined and controlled. We need to limit our mistakes, avoid penalties and turnovers.



Episode 4: Sir Alex Peete Knight of Many Yards…
DB: I know you are concentrating on this season but what is happening on the recruitment front?
AP: Recruitment isn’t as crazy as it was during the school year last year, and the summer. Right now I’m looking at Illinois State, Southern Illinois, Winona State, Indiana State, Indianapolis University, and St. Josephs University.
DB: How important is it to the Skyhawks’ success to have all the veteran leadership on the team?
AP: It’s so important because we have the most experience in the KRC. All of the seniors have two seasons under our belt and that’s a big step that helps with being able to go above and beyond on the football field.
DB: I can’t remember ever seeing the depth of quality football players in the McHenry County area like this season. What is your take?
AP: That’s pretty crazy with the amount of athletes that we have around this area that are going to play football at the next level. The Fox Valley Conference has a ton along with the KRC, and I think that really makes competition that much better for everyone, especially for those who are going to play football in college because we are versing kids who are going to the next level, so you just know they’re good.