Alex , Amanda and The Grand Dame


Lake in the Hills, IL- Life’s a funny thing. Whenever you think you may have just figured it out, whammy! As my mom, The Grand Dame, or Joan as she liked to be called, was fighting her terminal cancer two years ago, I met Sherry Williams. MCC Women’s Volleyball HC Kyle McCall had recently told me of the heart wrenching story of one of his players, Amanda Williams.

Sherry and Mark Williams beautiful daughter had died tragically while travelling to meet a recruit thinking about joining the Scots VB Family. I wanted to do something to help. Help, what a naive word when you are talking about a family in deep grief. What could I possibly do to help them, if I even could?

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As Amanda’s family and I planned a fundraiser for a VB scholarship at MCC, I also was dealing with my mom’s illness. I eventually told her about Amanda and the fundraiser and my mom’s face lit up with joy. The Grand Dame was so happy that I would do something so nice. It made me cry that she was so proud of me.

Amanda’s Celebration of Her Life Event was a spectacular success. The Grand Dame was very elated. I met Alex Kube as I worked on my crazy dream of a Sports Show. He was so kind and informative. Alex opened up to me in some great interviews (some that I accidentally deleted). Life was better.

Ma Hess, me and The Grand Dame (l-r)

My mom, The Grand Dame, Joan Marie Gladstone Berg, joined all the other angels in heaven on Mother’s Day 2016. I cried again.

This is hard to write. Then Alex passed away. Wow!!! I have no words that could properly express my shock and sadness.  I cried once again.

Elizabeth Kube is a great lady that is so courageous and positive under these difficult circumstances. Now I am working on another fundraiser, my mom is smiling and I’m smiling too!

Amanda_ALW with Bear
Amanda Williams