#REPLAY #LoveIsStrongerThanHate: Chris Singleton


Chris Singleton is on a journey with more twists and turns than a roller coaster at Disney World. In three short years, Chris has gone from Goose Creek SC to the Chicago Cubs affiliate Eugene Emeralds. In between he lost his beloved mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, in a heinous church massacre and his dad, Chris Sr, to a broken heart and got engaged to his sweetheart Mariana who blessed Chris with a baby son, Chris Jr. Wow!

Chris, Mariana, his fiance, and young Chris Jr will all be in Chicago for the CSA 2017 Awards dinner. Chris will be honored with the Charlie Donovan Memorial “Passion for the Game” award. God bless them. Listen to our interview:


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Dedicated to John J. Martin, a great baseball man. RIP.


Coming next week: #TheEmpireStrikesAgain & #PassionForTheGame


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  • We are excited to chat with Chicago Cub’s OF Chris Singleton. Chris won the Chicago Scouts Association’s 2017 Charlie Donovan ‘Passion for the Game’ Award.  He was drafted by the Cubbies in the 19th round in June. Great story. 

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