Episode XI: Starring Dennis Gardeck, TC LiFonti & Aaron Ferguson


Harvard, IL- Super duper show today! Thanks to all. We talked and talked…but had a blast. Thanks to Dennis, Aaron, TC, Mike, Erik, Ethan and YOU our listeners. We love you.

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#UpCloseAndPersonal with The Lady Warriors of McHenry HS

Happy Thursday, my good friends. Thanks to the awesome hospitality extended to yours truly, I got #UpCloseAndPersonal with the basketball juggernaut known as McHenry HS Lady Warriors (21-1, 10-0). Wowsers!!!. Please download this on your favorite device and share with family!!

Below you will find our great interview with Liz, Izzy, Ava, Aannah and HC Rob Niemic. We also have links to some other very cool stuff:


CLICK BELOW, ESPECIALLY Cool Images and videos….

McHenry HS Athletic Information

Cool images and videos of McHenry HS Lady Warriors

Illinois Elite Basketball Club