#UNCommon Tar Heel Wrestling: Starring Scott, Ramos, Ness, Kennedy & O’Connor

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Chapel Hill, NC- Thanks to everyone who made this #Special, well.. special. We had an absolutely fantastical experience #chatting with Tar Heel wrestling. A special TY to TC LiFonti, BJ Bertelsman & Rob Costello. Thanks UNC!!




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13: Huntley HS Wrestling, University of North Carolina HC Coleman Scott

David Ferrante, Danny Berg & BJ Bertelsman (blocking Cubs logo)


Harvard,IL- Episode 13 found us chatting with BJ Bertelsman & David Ferrante from Huntley HS wrestling. We had a blast and also listened to UNC Tar Heel wrestling HC Coleman Scott talk about the upcoming feature from bergsworld.live on Tar Heel wrestling. Thanks to all! CLICK BELOW: