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#DownTime with Nazareth Academy #Football HC Tim Racki and Peter Berg. We talk Bruce and what it meant Growing Up with his music. Enjoy:


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We are proud to announce our 2 latest podcast series: #DownTime: We explore what #HeadCoaches do when they are not coaching. 1st Episode #SpringsteenChronicles w Nazareth Academy’s Tim Racki and my brother Peter Berg. The Boss 24/7, later this month.

#CoachesCorner: Marian Central Catholic’s HC Mike Maloney and I tackle subjects across the sports spectrum. Watch for this coming later this month, also.

#EpicProgram Part 3 GoldDotNation: Back to the Future



Carol Stream, IL- This post will finish the GoldDotNation Trilogy. We have learned insights from some good stories told by Hall of Fame Coach Bob Fulk and listened to living legend Mark Hahn tell us his perspective. Now to tie this nice story up with a big gold bow, I’ve sat with the unofficial Glenbard North GoldDotNation wrestling history guru, Tony LiFonti, to bring us to today. We have three audio clips below. It makes for very good listening!

The wrestlers that graced the halls of the Carol Stream high school include Tony Ramos, Joe Gomez, Joey & Johnny Gosinski and Jon Maralejo (all five were 4-time DuPage Valley Conference champions). Fulk and Hahn have coached twenty one IHSA state champions.






Currently, Kent Garrett is the only one left on the active staff and currently the HC for the JVII level.  Jim Considine works for Motorola and, once they moved into the city, the commute is too much and he would never make practice/s on time.  Jim started coaching at North in 1992.  Jeff Cherry has taken the role of Winter Activities Advisor.  Garrett started teaching and coaching at North in 1987-1988; he taught special education and he would retire teaching Driver’s Education.  He has coached JV1 and freshman and, as I stated, he is currently the HC for the JV2 level.  Jeff Cherry began in 1987-1988 as well, teaching physical education and last year was his final year coaching; however, he still has two more years before he can retire.


Assistant Coach: CHRIS EDWARDS2014-chris-edwards

Chris was hired at Glenbard North in 1997 and joined the coaching staff that season.  He teaches mathematics and is currently the JVI HC, he has also coached freshman wrestling.



Assistant Coach: TONY LIFONTIimg_7226-2

Hired at North in 1999 and volunteered his first four years before being HC for JVII level.  Since 2006, HC freshman level.  Teaches English.




Assistant Coach: JOE GOMEZ


Joe was a 2004 graduate of North and began coaching on staff in 2010.


NOT PICTURED but very valuable coaches – the entire staff: Tom Gudella, Pat Harris, Tony Savegnago, Eric Wetzel, Jeff Edwards and Geno Capezio.






GoldDotNation Part 1


Carol Stream, IL- I have learned that some stories are harder to finish than others. I can’t explain why that is but it happens to me. This story on Glenbard North High School wrestling, GoldDotNation, Bob Fulk and Mark Hahn is one of them. This #EpicProgram is so crazy good that it intimidates anyone trying to put it into words. Well, this is my humble effort.

Our goal is to honor current GBN wrestling head coach Mark Hahn on his historic final season at the helm of the Panthers storied program. But to start we have to travel to the quiet farming community of Moweaqua, Illinois. South of Decatur, located firmly in the “Farming Belt”, this is where ‘The Saga of GoldDotNation’ began with legend-to-be Robert Fulk.

Moweaqua Facebook Page

A young man in 1950, Fulk, was part of the twenty one member graduating class of Moweaqua High School. A three sport athlete that oddly didn’t include wrestling (basketball, track and football), Fulk found mentors in coach Bob Oliver and Harold Anderson. After high school graduation, Fulk headed to Charleston, Illinois to continue his education and athletic career at Eastern Illinois University. As a Panther, Fulk would become an All-American in both wresting and football. From there on to semi-pro football playing for the Joliet Panthers. Glenbard North, Eastern Illinois and now Joliet. Panthers all!

This is where the future began to come more into focus for Fulk. A key part of his life would begin with the marriage to Janet. His lifelong partner, Janet would have more influence on what would eventually would become “The Life of Bob Fulk” than anyone else.


From EIU, the Fulk’s would begin a journey that would take them to Urbana HS, Kankakee HS and finally Proviso West HS. Football was Fulks first love, from playing to coaching, this is where he fine tuned his skills that would be so helpful in the future.

It was at Proviso West HS that the Fulk’s had a major decision awaiting them. Bob had an opportunity to finally become a wrestling head coach at the new high school in Carol Stream, Glenbard North HS. His bosses at Proviso were less than thrilled about losing their young and newly hired football coach. But fate is fickle and the Fulk’s headed westward to GBN to start anew. GoldDotNation was soon to be born.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame: Bob Fulk

Now in 1968 most people had no idea where Carol Stream was located. Fulk referred to it as “out in the cornfields”, a school referees had a hard time finding. But this is where Fulk was determined to move the wrestling program (and his young family) from a minor sport into a full blown powerhouse.

Fulk tells a good story about how he liked to rock the boat to get even treatment for his wrestlers. In this case (Coach Fulk has MANY great anecdotes) football cleats and basketball sneakers were supplied for no cost to the Panther players. Now Fulk wanted to know where his wrestling shoes were. He pressed the issue all the way to the top and finally received 50 pairs of free shoes for his team. The kicker was that from the point onward there would be NO free footwear for any GBN athletes. Fulk was a rebel and always fought hard for his players. Fair is fair!

While at a coaching clinic in Seattle, Washington, Fulk hatched the idea for what would eventually become GoldDotNation. During a motivational seminar, Fulk began to think of a way to make the Panther wrestling program ‘special’. This was in 1982 when Fulk and his team captain Bob Lacefield Memory Lane with Bob Lacefield came up with the Gold Dot idea. Originally the Secret Society of Gold Dot, it became somewhat controversial due to rumors and innuendos. Some were taken aback by these crazy Gold Dots appearing all over school and even the town. From tee shirts and posters to watches and even fingernails, GoldDotNation was taking on a life of its own.

EIU Panthers HOF: Bob Fulk

It “drove people crazy” because they didn’t understand what the GoldDot was all about according to Fulk. The wrestling team would meet in Fulk’s basement every year. Those gatherings were fun, but the Coach had many school meetings where he had to defend his program from the baseless “Cultist” charges. Hey, this was the 1980’s! Things eventually calmed down and the GoldDotNation had been established and was to become a national trademark for Wrestling Excellence and Tradition.

Coach Fulk had known Mark Hahn since Hahn participated in a 5th and 6th grade youth wresting program that Fulk ran. One of the interesting similarities between Fulk and Hahn is that they both hailed from farming families. In fact, GBN was built on land purchased from Mark Hahn’s parents. Hahn wrestled for Fulk before heading off to the College of DuPage and what is now Illinois Benedictine University. With his teaching degree, Hahn headed back to GBN to find a job.

A stroll down Memory Lane with the Chicago Tribune

Now Hahn was not a great wrestler for Fulk and GoldDotNation but was a “tough ass and one tough kid” according to his future coaching mentor. Title 9 became the law of the land at this time so getting a teaching/coaching gig was somewhat difficult but Hahn eventually was hired as a full time substitute.

Now we are in the early ’90s and Fulk is thinking very hard about retiring. The tragic loss of his son was a blow that buckled the knees of this hardworking father and coach. Hahn didn’t feel he had enough experience to apply for the head coaching job. Replacing Fulks was hard for Hahn to envision. Fulk felt Hahn was “laid back about going for the job” but eventually talked into going for it.

Herald Tribune on The Fulk Dynasty

The rest, as they say is history, Hahn has done “one hell of a job” as the Panthers head coach according to Fulk. Hahn was a “super athlete and came from a great family”, Fulk told me. He is so proud to see where Hahn has taken the GoldDotNation wrestling program and is sad to see Hahn call it quits after this season.


Duke University: Andrew Fulk, Wrestling Runs in This Family



IWCOA Facebook page

Illinois Matmen website




#WorldOfWrestling Iron Sharpens Iron: Jerry Kelly

IMG_7172 (1)

Crystal Lake, IL- The wrestling family is a very special group. They are a congregation that is made up of all ages, from the very young grappler to the “seasoned” veteran. What binds this fellowship together is the absolute love of the sport, a devotedness that goes deep, strong and across many generations. Boys, girls, men and women all have a passion that is called Wrestling.

As I expand my awareness of this very cool yet somewhat misunderstood athletic pastime, I have been blessed to meet some quite incredible people. One of these is Jerry Kelly. Kelly is a legendary wrestling icon with a background that will blow you away.

ISI School of Wrestling website

Born into a rough and tumble but close knit family from the south side of Chicago, Jerry Kelly embodies what makes sports so great. From a young boxer to the world of wrestling, Kelly takes us on a interesting  journey that travels from Oak Lawn Richards High School to Oklahoma State University to MacMurray College, with many exciting stories to tell.

Kelly achieved numerous accolades that included: IHSA All State wrestler to an NCAA All American and USA National champion. He also is an IWOC Hall of Fame inductee and the head coach/instructor/co-owner at ISI School of Wrestling in Crystal Lake and Plainfield.

Co-owner Jim Herff, who also is quite a wrestling buff himself, will open our feature and Coach Kelly will follow. Pull up a mat and relax because this is really great stuff. Here we go….

Jim Herff tells us about Jerry Kelly and ISI: 



The Legend himself takes us down memory lane and what a trip!!:



Check out cool video from ISI/Wizards training center:


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