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#BestBallers: Terrific 10 Top Conferences

Terrific 10 Top Conferences May 7, 2016 (II)

  1. Chicago Catholic (last week 1)
  2. Big 12 (2)
  3. Fox Valley (3)
  4. DuPage Valley (5)
  5. NIC-10 (9)
  6. East Suburban Catholic (6)
  7. Central 8 (4)
  8. Mid Suburban (8)
  9. South Suburban (NR)
  10. Central Suburban (NR)

Others: West Suburban, Upstate 8, Chicago Public, North Suburban, Southwestern

#YoungGuns Hittin’ Hornets Dynamic Duo

IMG_4352 (1)

Harvard, IL- I really like Harvard Illinois. There, I said it. It’s high school is super cool to an older gent such is I. Older but with modern amenities. I digress, ¬† recently spent the afternoon with some of the Hittin’ Hornets: head coach Sean Saylor and two junior standout student-athletes John Lynch & Adrian Serrano. Please join us for a cool trip through the thought processes of two super intelligent and compelling representatives¬†of their future generation. Our podcast with Coach Saylor will be coming to a near you. Here you go….

Listen here to John and Adrian:



Special Hittin’ Hornets shout out to Tyler Perkins who plays in The Shriners Game on June 18 in Bloomington at Illinois Wesleyan University. Good job #23!!



#YoungGuns Marian Central’s Gavin Scott

MCC HS Lunch Pail
Scott breaking a tackle

Woodstock, IL- Please listen as we hear Marian Central Catholic HS sophomore Gavin Scott tell us his cool story. The only Scott brother that went to Marian. Listen to Gavin talk about growing up in Woodstock and his thought process in selecting a high school. Head coach Mike Maloney gives us his thoughts on the very talented and good student and what plans Gavin may have a part next fall for the Hurricanes. Sit back and enjoy….

Listen to Gavin here:



Listen to Coach Maloney on Gavin Scott:


#YoungGuns Sarah Graham: No Regrets

Cary, IL-My wife gave me some grief that all my #YoungGuns were male athletes. As usual, she was correct. That brings me to Cary-Grove HS senior Sarah Graham. Along with Raquel Hess (sophomore, soccer) at Crystal Lake South HS, Sarah is now part of our #YoungGuns team. Editors note: Raquel’s feature is coming very soon.

I spent a cold wintry day in Cary visiting with Sarah at C-G HS. I was quite impressed with her maturity and confidence regarding everything from St.’s Peter and Paul Grade School to her future plans and dreams. Very family oriented, Sarah looks to have a firm grasp on what she wants to achieve and the road that will take her there.

Please join for a journey through the eyes of a young lady and the stops she has made. Sarah will tell us about local volleyball legend Patty Langanis, her head coach and what makes Langanis’ McHenry County juggernaut so very successful.

Sarah will also tells us her hopes and aspirations as she ventures out into the real world. God bless her. Here you go:





Amanda Lynn Williams Endowment Fundraiser


Algonquin, IL- Join us today at Buffalo Wild Wings on Randall Rd in Algonquin for Amanda’s MCC Fundraiser. Proceeds from the food go the Fund all day. Raffle and Silent Auction items on display from 11:00 to 3:00. From 3:00 – 5:00 we will hand all the winners their goodies! WINNERS NEED NOT BE PRESENT!!



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